About Mohsena Ahmad D.D.S., FICOI, DICOI

Mohsena Ahmad D.D.S., FICOI, DICOI, offers a full range of dental health and wellness for residents in and around San Jose, California. Dr. Ahmad’s thriving self-named practice has earned a reputation for excellence in the region, and her team delivers unparalleled care. 

Preventive dentistry is the foundation of the practice. Dr. Ahmad and her team perform comprehensive dental exams and professional teeth cleanings to keep smiles as healthy and happy as possible. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and explore ways to enhance their at-home dental care.

When dental decay or disease is present, patients have access to the very latest treatment options. Restorative treatments include crowns and bridges, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, bonding, extractions, and more. Laser gum surgery is also an area of specialty. 

Cosmetic dentistry helps patients feel great about the smiles they share with the world. From professional laser teeth whitening to custom crowns, dental veneers, and more, there is truly a fit for every set of needs and goals. Orthodontic options like braces or Invisalign® are also available.

State-of-the-art technology guides all diagnostic and treatment services at the practice. Dr. Ahmad and her team go to great lengths to not only research which platforms to bring to the practice, but also to attend training to learn how to best use these advanced tools. 

For those in San Jose, California, who are searching for excellent dental care in a warm and welcoming environment, booking a visit with Dr. Ahmad is a great place to begin. Scheduling can be done online or over the phone, so don’t delay.

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Dental treatments are not exactly cheap, but the maintenance of good oral health is important; the teeth serve a valuable purpose in our mouth, and to lose teeth would bring bad effects to your oral health. Payment Option is essential to find a way to afford dental treatment if you want to continue enjoying the full health of your mouth. It surely helps that our All Star Dental Office has found several ways to make dental treatments so much more affordable for you by offering various easy payment options. We accept all major Master Card/Visa, so if you do not have cash lying around, you can have the treatment more affordable using your credit card to cover the charges.