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Talk TownAll Star Dental is the practice of Dr. Mohsena Ahmad and Dr. Zahara Ammari. We offer complete dental treatments to all members of the family.

With us you will be assured of high quality and personalized comprehensive dental services by our expert dentists and experienced dental team. You’ll never have to hesitate visiting your dentist because at our dental office, you will feel comfortable, cared for and prioritized by the best dentist in San Jose CA.

Our San Jose dental office covers all basic dental procedures such as diagnosis, non-surgical gum treatments, and restorations. All Star Dental also provides valuable cosmetic dental procedures like Invisalign, veneers, dental implants and more, all within your means.

You can enjoy top quality dental services at the most affordable price.

Dr. Mohsena

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Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Ammari are dedicated to providing patients with the best dental care using only high quality materials and the latest technology available.
Dr Amari

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Patient Testimonials

I love All Star Dental. The staff is very friendly & the service is excellent. I’ve always been afraid of going to the dentist but Dr. Ahmad and her staff make me feel comfortable and safe with their pain management techniques and encouraging words. I will continue to recommend All Star Dental to all my friends & family.
Vanessa T
Just what you want for a checkup, no long wait in the lobby, nor sitting in the dental chair waiting for someone to come in and start. In and out in under 45 minutes, perfect for my busy day. No sore gums afterwards. Very happy with service overall.
Mike S
Dr. Ahmad is gentle, kind, warmhearted, stays on schedule. She is practical and won’t recommend work without good cause. Her office staff is friendly and courteous. I actually look forward to going to this dentist, and have so for 10 years.
Melora S
Exceptionally good in every respect. As a long time client, I could not recommend this dentist office more. I’m pleased with the quality of service and the friendly staff.
Edward T
Couldn’t ask for a better dentist. THANK YOU for giving me the Beautiful smile I have and for always helping my family and I. Recommended !
Tanya L
My dentist was courteous and very very professional.She took time to examine my teeth and proceed slowly without hurting me.I had a nice experience at my Dentist office
Mohammad R