dentist in san joseYour dentist in San Jose may be the authority in the dental office and the person in charge of the health of your smile, but always remember that your dentist is a human being too.

Your dentist is a person, just like you, and can be your friend. As a matter of fact, some patients have friends who are dentists and trips to the dental clinic are more “catching up” and “gossiping” than the actual dental treatment procedure. The work that dentists perform in your mouth varies in terms of invasiveness and complication. Some procedures are tougher than others, so that anxiety normally sets in even before the treatment is obtained. Now, you may not have a “friend” who is a dentist but you can always make your dentist your friend.

Your Dentist, Your Friend

Surely your dentist is the authority but you can always make your dentist in San Jose your friend. By improving the relationship you have with your dental health provider, you improve the quality of your visits, making them a little more fun and worthwhile.

Your doctor is a human being too, with stories to tell and you will be surprised to find out that you have a lot of things in common with your doctor; same interests, same hobbies, and so much more. Some dentists are available through Twitter and Facebook (as well as other social networking sites), and this brings you closer to your dentist. This gives you a lot of talk about during appointments and changes the whole dental experience.

Advantages of Making Your Dentist In San Jose, Your Friend

– Dental appointments are less frightening. Dental appointments are normally frightening and dentists can be quite intimidating with their white gowns and all. When you become closer to your dentist, however, everything gets better because you become more comfortable and more at ease to receive the treatment. When you do not fear your dentist, you are more receptive to treatment, so that success is better achieved.

– You are more comfortable to ask questions about your dental problem. When you are talking to your dentist, it is often clear who is the authority and dentists can be quite intimidating to the point that patients are unable to really forward their concerns. They are embarrassed so they would rather keep it to themselves, but when your dentist is a friend this is a lot easier.

– You can haggle or ask for a better price for treatments. This may be true when you are friends with anyone who is in-charge of the bill. When you become friends with your dentist, it becomes easier to ask for a discount and it is a lot easier for the dentist to give away some discount.

– The dentist in San Jose can be one “text or call” away. Another great advantage you can enjoy by having your dentist as a friend is some priority handling. This may not be the case for all, but when you are close enough to your health provider, you can give him a call or text to ask if you can be received for a dental emergency.