Gum Treatments

Gum Treatments

Teeth and Gums – Diseases and Treatments

Periodontitis or commonly known as Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease is a gum inflammation caused by bacteria in plaque build-up. It causes the gums to become more inflamed and to bleed easily during brushing of teeth. When it is left untreated, it can be fatal to one’s oral health as it can damage the teeth surrounding the gumline and it may also harm one’s immune system.

Not sure if you’re suffering from gum disease? Here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Receding gums
  • Bad Breath or Halitosis
  • Shifting of teeth
  • Gums that bleed when flossing and brushing

Gum Disease San Jose Prevention

If you’re experiencing the aforementioned symptoms above, visit your dentist right away.

As they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here are some ways to prevent gum disease from destroying your oral health:

  • Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Stop drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking tobacco products
  • Avoid Teeth Grinding

If it may come to a point that your gum disease is severe, the only treatment is through oral surgery or tooth extraction.

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