Early Orthodontic Treatment

Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth Early

Early Orthodontic TreatmentGetting early orthodontic treatment involves the correction and improvement of the alignment and occlusion of crooked teeth through dental appliances. The most common orthodontic procedure is braces. This specific treatment includes the use of brackets, wires and elastics or rubbers to move teeth into its proper position.

Early orthodontics San Jose treatment is ideal when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted. There are also some orthodontic procedures performed to correct and prevent teeth misalignment problems in adults.

Orthodontics San Jose Appliances

When a problem is already apparent even before condition gets worse, your San Jose dentist, Dr. Ahmad can prescribe an orthodontics San Jose appliances that will correct the issue. Some examples of these appliances are the following:

  1. Space Maintainer: If a patient has prematurely lost a tooth or teeth, the use of a space maintainer to prevent drifting and migration can be prescribed.
  2. Space Regainer: If the space has already been lost because of a premature tooth or teeth loss, you can get the space back by wearing a space regainer.
  3. Inclined Plane: When a newly erupted incisor is off its position (lingually inclined) this can be corrected earlier on by attaching plane on the opposite jaw to reposition the tooth.

Dental Trainers Before Braces and For Kids

Trainers Before Braces and Trainers for Kids (T4B and T4K) are early orthodontic treatments prescribed to correct or prevent orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth in young children. It can often be used as a precursor to braces and can be prescribed while the jaw and teeth are developing to prevent further teeth problems.

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