Dental Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Treatments

Dr. Ahmad performs in San Jose dental surgery for oral and maxillofacial treatments. The mouth, although such a small area, can face all kinds of problems. When you come into All Star Dental Office, your dentist looks into the condition, passes diagnostic expertise and performs the procedure according to the specific need of the patient.

Customized treatments can either be preventive, corrective and therapeutic — some of these procedures require oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Tooth Extractions and Odontectomy

Tooth Extractions and OdontectomyThe most common oral surgery performed in the center are extractions. Minor tooth extractions involve the mere loosening of the tooth in the socket, but some may require bone reduction. In the case of wisdom tooth impaction or any kind of tooth impaction, the extraction procedure is so much more complicated, involving gum incision, bone reduction and tooth sectioning.


When gum disease or any other form of gum condition is posing harm to the patient, gum surgery is the course of action, especially when least invasive measures did not provide a resolution to the condition. This will involve the incision or gum tissue to reflect the bone, cautery and even gum grafting procedures. Another surgical procedure is a gummy smile makeover which involves bone reduction and crown lengthening.


Oromaxillofacial surgery deals with all kinds of surgical procedures within the area of the mouth and the adjacent structures. It could involve correction of an anomaly, retrieval of diseased tissue or growth, or repair of injury.

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