Straighten and Beautify Your Teeth

dental BracesIf you want to get a set of perfect teeth and correct imperfections such as crowding, spacing, and wrong bite. Visit your trusted dentist in San Jose who can transform your smile and give you a perfectly straight and perfectly teeth aligned.

Getting Dental Braces

Dental Braces is an orthodontic treatment composed of brackets that adhere to the facial (frontal) surfaces of the teeth. Wires that are inserted into the slots of the brackets and elastics that hold the wires in places.

These materials individually do not serve any function. But together they can move teeth in a series of bone breaking and building. This will move teeth to its proper position and improve the quality of your smile.

There are now different types of materials used in orthodontics. In terms of color, you can choose to go for the more traditional metal, or you can go for more esthetic options such as ceramic or plastic.

Straightened Teeth

Straightened TeethIn terms of design and function, you will find that apart from the traditional braces. Now, there is an option to get self-ligating brackets that have metal doors or locks included in their design, replacing what the elastics or rubber bands can do.

Typically, an orthodontic treatment can go for a few months to a few years, depending on the severity of the case. During a patient’s first visit to the dentist, the case will be discussed. Also,  an appropriate treatment plan is going to be given based on the diagnostic aids presented.

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