Tooth Extraction San Jose

Tooth Extraction – Reasons and Benefits

Tooth Extraction San JoseA common dental problem is a toothache. Most patients visit their San Jose dentist because they are suffering from a toothache and this can be caused by a lot of things, but it usually begins with dental caries. When the right condition is allowed to persist, the bacteria in the mouth given a means to thrive and attack the healthy tissues of the teeth.

Tooth decay or dental caries will develop of the tooth, eating away the enamel. And if a patient is diligent enough to seek dental care, right away, he will receive a dental restoration or filling that will resolve this problem.

If this problem is allowed to progress, unfortunately, the pulp will be infected and the tooth will become necrotic and therefore die. The last course of treatment for this tooth is a tooth extraction. When the tooth is deemed hopeless, it is no longer saved, but rather removed and taken out of the mouth.

Gentle Tooth Extractions by San Jose Dentists

Minor tooth extractions are performed by merely loosening the attachment of the teeth to the bone. The luxators, elevators and forceps will help to loosen the tooth from its position within the socket and it can be pulled out without a fuss, while the patient is anesthetized. In some cases, especially in the case of impaction or wisdom teeth, normal teeth extraction procedures are going to be useless. The teeth are bound by bone and gums, so it requires surgery for the wisdom teeth to be removed.

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