Tooth Bonding San Jose

Tooth Bonding San Jose

Repair dental damages with tooth bonding

Tooth bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedure. The materials used in this procedure can be shaped and polished to match the chipped/damaged part of the teeth.

Tooth bonding San Jose dentist Dr. Ahmad provides repair to the chipped and damaged tooth caused by either tooth decay or just to improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth.

Tooth Bonding San Jose Procedures

First, your dentist will apply an etching solution to the roughened surface of the tooth. Next, a special composite material is blended to match the color of your tooth. These materials are applied to your tooth and shaped to match the chipped/damaged part. Lastly, they are hardened with a special light and bonded in place. A chipped or damaged tooth that underwent Tooth bonding looks very natural. Not to mention that it can be an affordable and an effective way to have the teeth you’ve always wanted.

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