Teeth Cleaning

Dental Prevention and Maintenance for Strong Teeth

Teeth cleaning gives value to your oral hygiene and maintains the health and beauty of your teeth and gums as well as all the structures around it. Make it a habit to schedule regular teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist for updated dental care. It is acceptable health practice to see your San Jose dentist at least twice a year or every six months.

Teeth Cleaning at All Star Dental Office

Regular teeth cleaning is necessary to fight dental plaque. The ordinary practice is that you schedule a regular teeth cleaning procedure or oral prophylaxis every six months, but for patients with increased likelihood developing plaque and stains, more frequent appointments are needed for optimum oral health.

Teeth CleaningA teeth cleaning procedure can be done manually with instruments like a scaler, curette and probe; and it can also be done with an ultrasonic scaler. The tips of the equipment and instruments used are sharp and they come with a bevelled edge that can easily removed plaque that is adhered to the tooth.

Whether it is removed by mechanical force or the plaque was taken out by strong vibrations afforded by the ultrasonic scaler, regular teeth cleanings are valuable procedures done in the dental office because it helps remove plaque, prevent gum disease and maintains oral hygiene.

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