Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Teeth Procedures San Jose

Deep cleaning teeth San Jose involves scaling and root planing. This treatment is usually done to prevent the development and progression of gum disease. Gum disease starts when the teeth and gums have already undergone minor or major changes, as a result to the accumulation of plaque. Plaque is a soft film that cover the surface of the tooth and it is usually removed from the mouth by brushing and flossing.

Unfortunately, when your oral hygiene measures are not enough to resolve the issue, accumulated plaque hardens to calculus or tartar and it disrupts the connection between the gums and teeth, destroys the periodontal fibers that supports it and even causes varying levels of bone loss.

When the gum condition is more severe and the issue can no longer be resolved with normal dental scaling and regular teeth cleaning, a deep cleaning teeth San Jose procedure is necessary to improve dental health. Due to the nature and purpose of this procedure it is usually given while under anesthetic solution and it can be done with or without surgical intervention.

Deep Cleaning in All Star Dental Office

When allowed to progress, plaque build up and gum disease can get worse and the patient can lose his teeth unless proper treatment is given. This is why deep cleaning teeth with a trusted San Jose dentist is a necessary procedure in oral health maintenance and for more confident smiles.

Deep CleaningGum disease can make your gums loose its rigidity and firmness, making them appear flabby and swollen. As a result, there is pocketing that can be observed and during deep cleaning teeth, San Jose dentist Dr. Ahmad will carefully explore these pockets and a sufficient length of the scalers are will be inserted so that adherent plaque can be removed from the surface of the tooth and allow the gums to heal and reattach to the bone.

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