Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam

Dental Examination San Jose, CA

There are various dental procedures carried out by a dentist in the dental office. The course that dental treatments take is going to depend on the existing condition.

Your trusted San Jose, CA dentist Dr. Ahmad can only you provide proper treatment after having a thorough assessment or a comprehensive exam of your particular dental condition.

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The first step in every treatment is the diagnosis and this involves clinical examination, dental photographs, dental casts, dental radiographs, and laboratory examinations. All of these procedures help the dentist provide a level of care that is specific to the needs of the patient.

When the patient comes into the dental office, he is immediately seated on the chair and he is examined. The examination is going to involve a series of inspection protocols which includes both extraoral and intraoral survey.

Comprehensive Exam OTIntraorally, the normal state of the oral cavity is compared to what is present. The condition of the teeth, gums tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, palate and other pertinent structures are studied.

Extraorally, the condition of the lips, the muscles of mastication and the appearance of the jaw is examined. Facial symmetry is assessed and the overall condition is taken into consideration. A comprehensive examination of the case is very important; only then can a definite treatment plan can be designed.

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