Root Canal Treatment

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Effective Treatment for Infected Teeth

Root Canal Therapy (commonly known as Endodontic Treatment or the Treatment of the Teeth’s Root Canal) is an infection of the tooth’s pulp. Regular cleanings and checkups helps prevent early signs of dental problems like a Root Canal infection.

Root Canal San Jose

Trauma to the tooth are the most common reasons why one’s root canal gets infected. However, there are some other reasons why a root canal can be infected. Usually, a simple restorative dental filling can fix the issue but when the damaged area becomes wider and wider, it can be solved thru a root canal procedure. When a root canal is infected, the infection starts to eat away the nerves and other surrounding tissues which oftentimes an abscess forms. The infection must be contained as soon as possible because once the infection starts to spread from tooth to tooth, it will become a big problem that’s not easy to solve.

Root CanalSymptoms that your tooth needs to undergo a root canal are as follows:

  • Sharp and dull pain when biting down
  • Experience sensitivity when eating hot and cold beverages
  • Tenderness in gums

Root Canal treatment is usually performed to clean out the infected tooth pulp and to disinfected the canals of the tooth. Once the infection is contained, the canals are filled to prevent further infection.

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