Complete Your Smile with a Dental Implant

ImplantTooth can be lost in different ways. But what is important when a tooth is lost is that it is replaced to complete your smile. Your trusted San Jose dentist Dr. Ahmad can provide various options for you to do just that.

You need healthy and attractive teeth for a lot of reasons. For instance, it completes your smile, aids in your speech, allows you to enjoy eating and maintains your confidence. when you lose a tooth or teeth changes follow. It is harder to chew your food, your bone mass will decrease, and your smile will be incomplete. The longer there is no tooth there the problems listed will only get worse as time goes by.

Dental Implant San Jose

While the most tradition means of repairing this condition is provided by prosthodontics, through denturesdental crowns and bridges, the recent advancement in dentistry is more focused on the replacement of lost teeth with oral surgery and dental implants.

dental implant san jose

San Jose dentist, Dr. Ahmad, uses dental implants made of titanium, which is considered a bio-compatible material. When it is inserted into the bone and it is allowed to heal, the metal will form a complete fusion with the bone. This phenomenon called osseointegration.  Also, this results in a fully stable tooth replacement that will restore esthetic, masticatory and speech functions while still looking the same as your natural teeth.

Through this dental implant, you can enjoy having a completely stable and strong teeth. As well as a perfect smile without worrying about using adjacent teeth for support as in dental bridges.

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