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Fix weak teeth with durable and attractive tooth crowns San Jose

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the tooth to restore its shape, size and aesthetic appearance. It is often prescribed to patients who need/s:

  • To hold a dental bridge
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To improve teeth’s appearance
  • To help restore a worn-out tooth
  • After a root canal treatment

Types of crowns in san Jose that are available today include: stainless steel crowns, alloy metals, porcelain, resin-based, ceramic and zirconium.

A broken or cracked tooth is a far more serious matter and a bit difficult to treat. Tooth crowns San Jose dentist by Dr. Ahmad can resolve this providing a more attractive smile.

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Tooth Crowns San Jose

A dental crown procedure appointment takes two visits. In the first visit, tooth decay is drilled from the tooth and it is now molded to take on the crown. After which, an impression of the tooth will be done in order to start fabricating the crown. The patient or the dentist will then choose what type of material will be used to fabricate the crown, depending on what type of material the patient chooses or based on what the patient will be needing which will be identified by the dentist. The patient will leave with a temporary crown.

During the second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown will be fitted and cemented once the crown fits.

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