Invisalign costInvisalign is the brand name of clear plastic trays that patients wear for orthodontic treatment. They offer many advantages over traditional metal braces, including the ability to be discreet about treatment and offer a shorter time commitment. Invisalign does require discipline and commitment as the average time spent wearing the appliances is 18 months. Price is a factor as well. While most dental insurance companies provide some coverage for orthodontics, patients still want to know, “How much does Invisalign cost?”

Typical Costs for Orthodontic Treatment

The nationwide average for treatment with Invisalign clear aligners is $6,500. For traditional metal braces, the average cost is $5,200. All Star Dental offers a free consultation to anyone who is considering this option for straightening teeth. If you are responsible for some or all of the cost, we recommend looking into a Health Savings Account or applying for Care Credit. The first allows you to pay for out-of-pocket expenses using pre-tax dollars while the second offers qualified applicants low interest rates and monthly payment options.

The Benefits Are Well Worth the Cost

For many patients, the additional cost of approximately $1,300 for Invisalign over typical braces is not as much of a consideration as the benefits Invisalign offers. People who decide to undergo orthodontic treatment as an adult don’t necessarily want to wear metal braces typically worn by teenagers. Since Invisalign trays are clear and match the shape of your teeth, others can’t tell that you are wearing them. When you factor in an average treatment time for Invisalign that is six months shorter than metal braces, it’s easy to see why most patients prefer it.

With Invisalign, you put in a new tray once every several weeks and discard the old one. Dr. Ahmad designs each Invisalign tray to move your teeth according to your individual treatment plan. You can also go longer between visits to our office. If you have crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth and want to improve their appearance and function through orthodontic treatment, please contact All Star Dental to request your free consultation.