Gum TreatmentsContrary to what many people are aware of, gum disease is the most common dental problem all over the world. As a matter of fact, many of those who are suffering from gum disease do not know that they have a problem because it is not always easy to tell whether or not your gums are healthy. Some gum issues do not even present pain symptoms that will cause alarm to patients so it is often easy to ignore it. The best way to tell whether or not you are suffering from gum disease, a dentist will have to assess the health of your gums, bone and teeth.

The periodontium is the collective term for the tissues that maintain the health of the gums, teeth and bone. When the health of the periodontium is maintained, the health of the gums can be guaranteed. If things go wrong and its health is compromised,

The Importance of Gum Treatments

You may not find it necessary to treat gum issues seriously but if you value your teeth and you wish to enjoy the full function of your mouth for a longer period of time, you have to pay attention to the health of your gums. Gum treatments are most successful when they are carried out at once, when the condition is still salvageable. Early detection increases everyone’s chance to successfully combat disease and this is true for gum disease. If the gum treatment is received by the patient before conditions go from bad to worse, there is a better chance for the dentist’s efforts to succeed.

Many people would not even bother thinking about their gums but these ought to change your mind:

– The early stages of gum disease presents with reddish, swollen and bleeding gums that may have some pus formation. This condition is called Gingivitis, and it is fairly reversible and may be resolved by a thorough teeth cleaning and deep scaling procedure. When the sulcus is properly cleansed and cleared of adherent plaque and calculus, the irritated tissues of the periodontium will heal and revert back to normal. It is necessary for you to take Gingivitis seriously because the symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable — more so, the condition of your gums will give your mouth a foul smell.

– When you were not successful at resolving gum disease earlier and it is allowed progress gravely, the infection will spread further into the tissues affecting even the bone. Once the bacteria invade the bone, its health is compromised. This results in bone loss which will lead to tooth mobility and tooth loss. If appropriate gum treatment is given to the patient, Periodontitis can be resolved and the loss of tooth and continuous degradation of bone will be prevented.

– If the health of the bone and gums have been compromised by gum disease, the stability and presence of the tooth in the mouth is at risk. The periodontal fibers and the alveolar bone hold the teeth in place, and when gum disease greatly affects these tissues, grafting may be the only chance for the teeth to be salvaged. Gum grafting and bone grafting is very tricky. First the procedure does not guarantee true success; second they are quite expensive. Had you been responsible enough to provide proper treatment earlier on, you would not have to trouble yourself with these expenses.