Many people look into options for straightening teeth due to cosmetic concerns. It makes them feel self-conscious to have crooked or misaligned teeth or to have an overbite or underbite. However, properly aligned teeth are also better for long-term oral health. They are easier to clean in addition to making the gums and teeth healthier. When teeth are crowded or spaced too far apart, the gums can become red and swollen. This can easily lead to gum disease. Proper alignment allows the gums to fit securely around the teeth, which provides a strong defense against periodontal disease.Straightening Teeth

Discrete Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign

Traditional braces with wires and metal brackets are quickly falling out of favor thanks to Invisalign. These clear plastic aligners shift the teeth into the desired position while remaining virtually undetectable to others. At the beginning of your treatment, Dr. Ahmad or Dr. Ammari completes an oral examination and takes several X-rays. Your dentist then requests our laboratory to create a series of fully customizable aligners. You exchange the current aligner for a new one at intervals determined by your dentist. Each time you put in a new aligner, you are that much closer to reaching your treatment goals.

Early Teeth Alignment without Braces

If your child has crooked teeth or alignment problems early on, Dr. Ahmad or Dr. Ammari can use one of three simple procedures to correct the issue. An inclined plane allows for the correction of an out-of-position incisor by attaching a plane on the opposite jaw. This helps to re-position the tooth. A space maintainer prevents tooth drifting and migration for patients who have lost a tooth prematurely. A space re-gainer is appropriate when your child has already lost space in his or her mouth due to the premature loss of a baby or adult tooth.

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